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Chalkboard Prophecy
God wants us to know His plans so we can be ready when His Son returns for His church. Jesus said “Now I tell you before it comes, that when it does come to pass, you may believe that I am He.”
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Chalkboard Parables
I love the parables because they help me remember the teachings of Jesus. I suppose it’s because they paint a real-life story in my mind that I can relate to which parallel an important spiritual truth.
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Chalkboard Testimonials
I found these testimonials so inspiring that I had to share them with you.
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Chalkboard Christian LivingMost of my messages fall into this category. I hope they help to build you up in your faith and help you in your walk with Christ.
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Chalkboard Jesus
What’s better to talk about than Jesus?
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Chalkboard Gospel
Theology and the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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Chalkboard Salvation
There’s nothing more important in this life then knowing what is required to be saved from an eternity separated from God in Hell.
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Chalkboard Supernatural
I know that the supernatural realm exists because I’ve experienced it. People close to me have also experienced it and shared their stories with me.
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Chalkboard Reviews
You’ll find my movie reviews here.
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