Testimony of Amir Tsarfati

When Amir was growing up, his dream was to become an Ambassador for Israel. But God had bigger plans for him. Instead, Amir became an ambassador for Jesus. This is his heart and purpose. I really look forward to ...

Testimony of Tim Conway

I highly respect Pastor Tim Conway for teaching the Bible faithfully, even the parts that are uncomfortable for us to hear but are necessary for our salvation. His testimony reminds me of Billy Crone’s story. Both ...

Nick Vujicic’s amazing story

Story of a man, born without arms and legs,who was transformed from a depressed boy to a mighty evangelist for Jesus.

Testimony of Pastor Billy Crone

How Billy Crone went from a sex, drugs, and rock n' roll life style, to Satan worship and New Age, to giving his life completely to Jesus.

Tony Greve’s inspiring story

The inspiring story of Tony Greve, former guitarist for “Pop Evil” turned believer.

Ben’s inspiring story

Ben Malcomson's amazing story of serving the Lord Jesus without knowing that his efforts were having any effect. What he learned four years later will inspire you.