The dangers of the Charlie Charlie challenge

There’s a game sweeping the nation that’s thrown the door to the occult wide open for our children and youth. To them, it’s just a scary game. Scary in a fun sort of way (to them, that is). You ...

Sharnel Smith: Saved by an Angel

True story of a little girl who was saved by her guardian angel.

Testimony of Pastor Billy Crone

How Billy Crone went from a sex, drugs, and rock n' roll life style, to Satan worship and New Age, to giving his life completely to Jesus.

Tony Greve’s inspiring story

The inspiring story of Tony Greve, former guitarist for “Pop Evil” turned believer.

Demonic attacks are real:  My personal experience

My personal story about a demonic attack and how Jesus saved my life.

How to avoid being repossessed

Have you ever known anyone who was demon possessed. Here's how to protect from repossession.

Demon Possession is for Real

Demon possession is as real in our day as it was during Jesus' ministry. This is the story of a close personal friend who was set free from demonic possession.

Why did Jesus cast out demons?

Why did Jesus cast out demons? To me, this one stands out from the other miracles of Jesus in a special way.